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Father Dmitri

Known to his friends as “Father Dmitri”, the Nosferatu Dmitri Sergeiovitch Ignatiev is a priest of great standing within the Russian Orthodox Church in America and a major power within New England. He believes that vampirism is not a curse but rather just another form of temptation, and that by hewing to the teachings of Christ all kindred can find salvation and even peace.

All kindred, including the Caitiff and the Thin-blooded. Christ died for everyone, and that includes the clanless. Furthermore, Dmitri believes that kindred without the protection of a clan are easily recruited by the anarchs or Sabbat, and that it is easier to buy into “the system” if that system is already working for that individual’s benefit. To that end he created Clan Kairos: an ad-hoc clan of the clanless and those without a Primogen, with him at its head.

Kairos is a Greek word which means "A time when conditions are right for accomplishing a crucial action; the opportune and decisive moment.” The Greek letters Chi and Rho (XP) are also the monogram of Christ. The time is right for the clanless to have the representation and protection of a clan within the Camarilla, and Father Dmitri will lead them.

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Clan Kairos
You have presented yourself before Father Dmitri, Primogen of the Disenfranchised, and have placed yourself under his authority. If you are a Caitiff, a Thinblood, or a Clan Kindred without a Primogen Representative in Maine, you are considered a member of the Camarilla and under Dmitri’s protection (and jurisdiction) as a member of Clan Kairos.
•• Lying Honestly
You have learned that the best way to conceal something is in plain sight and the best lies are those which are mostly truth. Once per story, you may roll three extra dice in any Persuasion or Subterfuge test so long as you either lie by omission or by stating the truth in a way which no one is likely to believe.
••• Blood Kitchen
A hungry vampire is a danger to humanity, but a fed vampire doesn’t drain humans dry. Once per session you may sate one level of Hunger (but not to zero) in exchange for a Trivial Boon. Once per story, you may satisfy all but one level of Hunger in exchange for a Minor Boon.
•••• Father, Forgive Me
Dmitri believes in guiding kindred toward Golconda, but also that no one has truly earned forgiveness unless they suffer in doing penance. If you acquire Stains and ask the Father for penance before you roll for Remorse, you may roll an additional die.
••••• Golconda Guide
Salvation cannot merely be given to another; rather, it must be earned by walking the path of redemption. However, that doesn’t mean you must walk it alone, and Father Dmitri will be your confessor and guide along the way. As a result of his advice, your Humanity increases by 1 and you may purchase the Golconda Loresheet in addition to this one.


Author: Erin Palette (

Other Credits: Special thanks to my GM Adrian Rook, without whom Father Dmitri (my character) would not have existed.


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