Command the Inanimate

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  • Amalgam: Blood Sorcery 2
  • Prerequisite: Compel

You are able to Compel an inanimate object.

  • Cost: 1 Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: None or for an object possessed by an awakened spirit or ghost Charisma + Dominate vs Intelligence + Resolve .
  • System: The vampire issues a single-action command, no longer than a short sentence, to be obeyed to the letter. It must be possible to complete the command in a single turn. The Storyteller decides whether to interpret ambiguous commands in an unexpected or unfavorable way; alternatively, the command simply confuses the spirit within the object and fails.

The object cannot be any larger than 5 foot cubed. Eye contact or Line of Sight is unnecessary but the object must be within the vocal range of the caster's unaided voice. The command must be readily audible and understandable as if a human were to hear the command instead of the object. Language is not a barrier as long as the caster is competent in the language he is speaking. An object cannot take an action that would be impossible for something with its form, nor does the object become more flexible – A chair will not walk over to its master or slid under a table. A door may, however be compelled to open or a gun to fire.

  • Duration: No more than a single scene

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Author: Chris Wilson

Other Credits: White Wolf, Conversion of "Animate the Unmoving", Path of Elemental Mastery


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