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Jalan-Aajav, known as Aajav-Khan to his subordinates, was the third Seraph of the Black Hand and one of the most feared warriors within the Sabbat. He was a notorious diablerist, marked by the veins of countless victims. He led the sect in times of open Jyhad with a recklessness and savagery that inspired fear and mistrust in enemies and allies alike. His path started around the 12th century in Mongolia, where he rose to be the champion of the great Genghis Khan himself, and it is said that not even the Embrace could break his resolve to serve his Khan, and that he continued to ride in his name. Having allegedly been slain during the initial stages of the Second Inquisition, his many offspring and their progeny yet live on throughout the various Sects.

( Gangrel Only )

Strength Through Unity
You embrace the same ideal of a unified force against your enemy as Jalan-Aajav, and through it gain some of his resolve when leading your own warband.

When around people loyal to your command, you gain one additional die for all Frenzy checks.

•• Apex Predator
The Gangrel are primordial hunters in human form, the beast lurking just beneath the surface, ready to reveal itself. You’ve learnt to channel your animal instinct towards tracking down your chosen prey, and can hone in on their trail with supernatural accuity.

Once per session, you may invoke this ability to lend you 3 dice to any tests for pursuit and tracking of one specific target of your choice, such as Athletics or Drive to give chase and Survival or Streetwise to find their location, but not for attacks or defense rolls. You must then either engage in physical conflict to bring them low, though you do not have to kill them, or roll to resist a fury frenzy at difficulty 3, as you deny your beast the final stage of the hunt.

••• Modern Skirmisher
By a mixture of guts, vitae and practice, you've learned to fight from a modernized saddle like Jalan-Aajav did in days gone.

You gain +2 dice for any Drive rolls while riding a motorcycle, as well as a Speciality in Motorcycles. Finally, you can fight without penalty while riding one, becoming a true Road Warrior.

•••• Blood Brothers
An army is only as strong as their leader, and through you runs the vitae of a strong and most feared kindred warband leaders. You may dedicate one group of mortal allies as your chosen warriors. This group is fanatically loyal and driven, through a mix of training, conditioning and ghouldom.

You get 4 dots to allocate to a group of Allies, and once per story after an event that causes a reduction in this group, you may immediately restore it to its original value, as they quickly draw in new prospects to replenish the fallen. The group gets 3 dice to resist any attempt to dissuade or coerce them away from whatever goal you have given them, whether mundane or supernatural.

••••• The Wild Hunt
Jalan-Aajav was known to be periodically absent from his duties as Seraph of the Black Hand, claiming that these periods are spent on 'hunting expeditions'. Said periods were spent preparing and executing ritualistic hunts targeting powerful ideological enemies, with each successful hunt ending in the Diablerie of his prey. You've learnt enough of this practice and its rites to carry out one such hunt yourself.

Once per chronicle, you can choose a target for this hunt, who must be of significantly greater means than yourself, as well as being a perceived ideological enemy. The hunt must be initiated with an hour long ritual, after which the hunt is active and the target of it cannot be changed. If you carry out this hunt to the point of successful diablerie, you gain two automatic successes in your Humanity + Blood Potency roll to absorb disciplines, and you do not suffer the automatic loss of humanity, though you still risk degeneration from the absorption roll. If applicable, you will also decrease your Generation by one more step than what you would normally. This merit is a one time benefit only and may be used once within the entire chronicle - this is the case regardless of the success or failure of the Hunt, however if the target escapes and still lives, they may consider the hunt still on for this chosen target.


Author: Alzuule

Other Credits: Graspiloot, PotentialRain, Ashe, Chipotlechris


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