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Protean ••••

  • Amalgam: Animalism 3

Upon death, this power naturally comes to the surface for many a well-stationed and elderly Gangrel, speaking truth to the legends of unkillable elders coming back to slay their would-be betrayers. Many a relatively young and foolish vampire has expected the dead to truly die, only to be disappointed (and horrified) when their victim confronts them again in the following nights. The only telling mark of the experience are particularly violent elder, thought long dead, showing up with new and unfamiliar countenances, bearing wolfish grins or the horns of a goat.

  • Cost: Free
  • Dice Pool: None
  • System: This power requires no roll to activate. The vampire's mind and soul break away from their form to the nearest animal of mass similar to or larger than them (bear, deer, feline, wolf, etc) in the vicinity. The movement of the Kindred's tattered soul can be seen with Sense the Unseen, as can their possession of the animal. The user's body regenerates within the unlucky animal over the course of 7 nights, minus the vampire's Resolve rating.

On the final night, the animal shell collapses into ash and they are expunged in a fresh human body that may have any appearance within natural limits. Upon emerging from the desiccated animal carcass, the vampire loses 1 point of Humanity due to the harrowing experience of their bloody rebirth, and must make a check to resist Fury Frenzy as the Beast lashes out at it's loss of control at Difficulty 3 + Nights spent as an animal. The Kindred retains no memory of being an animal.

While an animal, the user does not suffer from the banes and curses of being a Vampire, neither being affected by sunlight, nor needing to slake hunger on blood. However, the decaying animal and it's volatile nature, as the Beast is in control, gives away the possessor's condition as a Cainite. Should the user take more than 2 aggravated damage as a rotting, desiccating animal they immediately fade into ash, their souls swept away into Final Death. The vampire continues to make Rouse Checks for awakening each night, though being pushed beyond Hunger 5 simply causes them to enter Hunger Frenzy upon their rebirth rather than succumbing to torpor.

  • Duration: 7 nights or less

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Author: Sharmat

Other Credits: Sharkey


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