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Protean •••

The vampire can take on the form of a large predatory animal: anything from a wolf to a large snake to a small bear, chosen when purchasing this power.

  • Cost: One Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool:
  • System: The transformation takes one turn, during which the user can take no other actions. While in this form, they gain a +2 bonus to all Brawl, Survival, and Intimidation pools, and a +1 to any other skills that would benefit from their modified form. They also gain the ability to deal aggravated damage to mortals with Brawl attacks.

All other pools are unchanged, though they cannot take any actions that would be impossible for an animal—for example, even the most dextrous bear can't pick a lock, and even the most charismatic wolf can't give a physics lecture.

  • Duration: One scene, or until ended.

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Author: User:Dercomai

Other Credits: Intended as a replacement for Shapechange, based on the MET version.


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