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There was a dull pain in his wrists and his feet, and he was finding it harder and harder to breathe. The cold cut through his parka, through his thermals and into his bones. There was nothing more to be gained by feigning unconsciousness, and he raised his head, as best he could, and spat a gob of blood into the woman’s face- a splash of crimson on snow.

It was a brave thing to do, he thought. And a stupid one. Perhaps she would have left him to freeze, if he had not done that. Now, he had no doubt, she would hurt him. And perhaps his death would come the quicker for it.

“So warm…” she whispered, like ice shearing from the mountain. The cold bit into his flesh, his tears crystallized in his eyes, and his voice froze in his throat.

Nicknames: Sikuttaq, cryomancy, mrozić, heat theft, hyperbore exousia

The mysterious art of clan Błędnica, gelidus grants the vampire the ability to control the thermal energy of people and objects, chilling or freezing the world around them. At its most basic, gelidus enables a vampire to make a victim uncomfortably or dangerously cold. At its most terrifying, it allows Kindred to summon deadly, subzero temperatures, freezing humans and supernaturals alike. This Discipline is the Beast at one with the grim realities of the arctic wastes. Vampires of Clan Błędnica are gelidus, as much as they are practitioners of the discipline. They use these powers to protect themselves, to trap their prey, steal their victim’s heat, and drop the world into a localized ice age. When using this Discipline, kindred feel connected to the primordial winter, but the wise know such connections only serve a larger pattern, and do not make the vampire its master.


Gelidus, Corebook Formatting

  • Type: Physical
  • Masquerade Threat: Medium to High

Depending on the environment or weather conditions, some gelidus powers can be less overt. Obviously, a blast of subzero air is harder to explain away in the middle of a tropical summer, but in the dead of winter, it might not even be noticed. Many powers, however, are notably inhuman and will likely break the masquerade if not utilized carefully.

  • Blood Resonance: Phlegmatic. Explorers, adventurers, and stolid survivalists, tenured history professors, librarians, or medical researchers; men and women with calm heads and wills of iron who are able to endure the hardships of nature or the rigors of dense study.

Level 1


The frigidity of the Blood causes water vapor in the air to freeze and harden inside the pores and tiny surface irregularities of the vampire’s skin. The flesh is still supple but the ice can deflect some physical damage before breaking.

  • Cost: One Rouse Check.
  • Dice Pool: {{{dicepool1-1}}}
  • System: Activating this power protects the vampire from one superficial physical damage, or reduces one aggravated physical damage to superficial damage. This occurs before halving physical damage received, and can potentially reduce the damage to zero. Once the vampire has utilized the benefit of frostbite, the power ends and must be reactivated on a subsequent turn.
  • Duration: One Scene, or until utilized.


Surrendering to the bitter cold of their beast, the user can reach out and freeze most liquids and potentially a solid objects- even mortals, given enough time.

  • Cost: One or more Rouse Checks.
  • Dice Pool: Dexterity or Strength + Bawl vs. Dexterity+Athletics (but see below)
  • System: No additional skill roll is required for inanimate objects or liquids. The user concentrates for a turn and forces a limb into standing liquid or grips a nonliving object (except unliving flesh such as that of the Kindred) to freeze it. The vampire can choose to make a number of rouse checks, and each Rouse Check freezes approximately 35 liters of liquid or 100 cubic centimeters of solid, nonliving matter. Liquid freezes almost instantaneously; solid matter takes approximately three turns to freeze. (whether the material meaningfully weakens remains at the Storyteller’s discretion). The vampire can attempt to use chilling touch on mortals by rolling a contest of Dexterity or Strength + Brawl vs. the target’s Dexterity + Athletics. On a success, the vampire freezes the flesh within its grasp; this power freezes 100 cubic centimeters worth of flesh, organ, and bone per rouse check, dealing at least one aggravated damage (at the Storyteller’s discretion, this power may do more damage.) This power has no effect on vampires, however other supernaturals susceptible to cold can follow mortal rules, at the storyteller’s discretion.
  • Duration: N/A

Level 2


Reaching out a hand towards a target they can see, the vampire rapidly draws the heat from their victim, slowing them to a crawl and leaving mortals shivering cold.

  • Cost: One Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: Dexterity + Gelidus vs. Stamina + Athletics (also Stamina + Resolve)
  • System: The user makes a Dexterity + Gelidus vs Stamina + Athletics against a target they can see under 50 meters away. On a winning contest, the target is slowed, unable to move quicker than walking speed without taking one superficial damage per turn. If the victim attempts to use powers that grant rapid movement (such as Blink or Traversal, Celerity 3), they must succeed on a Stamina + Resolve check (difficulty 2+ the caster’s current blood potency) or take two superficial damage per use of the power. Superficial damage inflicted by Cold Snap is not halved.
  • Duration: One Scene

Level 3


Further drawing power from the heart of winter, the vampire enshrouds themselves or a willing target in a sarcophagus of glacial ice.

  • Prerequisite: Frostbite
  • Cost: One Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: N/A
  • System: The vampire spends ten minutes forming a casket of ice around themselves or a willing target. While so entombed, the target takes no physical damage and gains no hunger, but otherwise sleeps as though in torpor. Despite its translucent appearance, the vampire is protected from sunlight as long as the ice sarcophagus lasts.

Physical damage to the ice will be repaired at a rate of 100 square centimeters per turn. Direct sunlight will melt the Tomb of Winter over a number of days equal to the user’s blood potency, otherwise the tomb lasts until the power is ended by the user.

  • Duration: Until ended, or destroyed.

  • Cost:
  • Dice Pool:
  • System:
  • Duration:


  • Amalgam: Presence 2

The bottomless cold of the arctic beast lusts for warmth as well as blood, and this power allows the user to satiate some of their hunger with the breath and heat of their victim.

  • Cost: Two Rouse Checks (see below)
  • Dice Pool: Stamina + Gelidus vs. Stamina + Resolve
  • System: With a kiss or touch, Make a contested roll of Stamina + Gelidus vs. a target’s Stamina + Resolve. On a success, the user temporarily slakes up to two hunger as they steal the warmth from their victim (Kiss of Winter cannot remove the final hunger die.)

A win against a mortal target incapacitates them for the remainder of the scene, instilling severe lethargy. They act only to preserve themselves, not against the user or anyone else. A win against a vampire forces a rouse check from the victim. On a critical success the target begins to freeze, and is unable to act for one turn.

  • Upon waking from the daysleep, the vampire must roll an additional rouse check for each hunger slaked with this power.
  • Duration: N/A

Level 4


Calling upon the dark heart of the coldest arctic winter, the vampire consumes the warmth around them, plunging the local area into subzero temperatures.

  • Cost: Two Rouse Checks
  • Dice Pool: Stamina + resolve
  • System: After rousing the blood, the vampire rapidly lowers the temperature within 50 meters to well below 30 degrees celsius. This rapid temperature drop can wreak havoc on plants, small animals, and fragile objects such as glass.

Humans caught in the affected area without insulated clothing take one superficial damage per turn until they leave the area. Each turn, vampires other than the user in the affected area must roll Stamina + Resolve (difficulty 2 + the user’s blood potency.) On each failure, the vampire loses two dice to all physical dice pools. On a third failure, the vampire freezes solid and enters torpor.

  • Duration: One Scene

Level 5


The ultimate expression of the vampire’s mastery over ice, the user is able to turn frozen objects, and object affected by gelidus powers, into dangerous shrapnel explosions.

  • Cost: Two Rouse Checks
  • Dice Pool: Resolve + Geliuds; Dexterity + Athletics
  • System: Make a Resolve + Gelidus check; the Difficulty depends on the number or size of objects involved. Shattering one cubic foot of ice in a single object is a difficulty 2, while shattering a large object, or many smaller objects may be a difficulty 6.

A shattered object detonates into several pieces that travel a few meters in every direction. Smaller objects will likely break into three or more superficial damage worth of shrapnel each, while a very large object may shatter into three or four shards of aggravated damage at the Storyteller’s discretion. All creatures in range must make a Dexterity + Athletics (difficulty 3+ the user’s blood potency), and take a portion of the total damage on a failure.

  • Duration: One Turn


A childe of the cold and darkness, the vampire’s connection to primordial winter now empowers their gelidus abilities.

  • Cost: One Rouse Check in addition to the power amplified.
  • Dice Pool: Per the power used
  • System: The Vampire can amplify their other gelidus powers.
    • (Frostbite) negates two superficial damage or one aggravated damage before expiring.
    • (Chilling Touch) can affect vampires as if they were mortals. Attempting to outrun (Cold Snap) doubles the superficial damage incurred by the target.
    • (Tomb of Winter) The entombed heals one aggravated damage each night without rousing the blood.
    • (Dead of Winter) deals aggravated damage to mortals and will freeze a vampire after one failed test.
  • Duration: Per power used.


Author: Ghosthack, Gelidus, Corebook Formatting

Other Credits: N/A


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