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Oblivion Ceremony

While they can see and hear everything, ghosts can't usually interact with the physical world except through their fetters. This ritual changes that, attuning one object to the energies of the Labyrinth so that ghosts can interact with it freely.

  • Cost: Two coins and a vial of pure water
  • Dice Pool: The caster dips a brush in the water and draws a circle around the object, then places the coins on top and marks them with the remaining water.
  • System: On a win, the object becomes "liminal", allowing ghosts to interact with it as though they were physical: a ghost could write freely with a liminal pen, for example, or open and close a liminal door. A liminal corpse can be possessed at -2 difficulty, but doesn't give the ghost any additional means to do so (they would already need the ability to possess corpses).
  • Duration: One week, or until the object is destroyed.

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Author: Draconis

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