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Blood Sorcery Ritual ••••

  • Prerequisite: Lesser Animation

At this level, the thaumaturge has refined her knowledge to allow her to animate more complex creatures. Even human corpses and large animals may be given the "spark of life" with this power. It is rumoured that one Biothaumaturge in Egypt have a pair of animated elephants which he uses to terrorizes his enemies.

  • Cost: 12 Rouse Checks
  • Dice Pool: Intelligence + Blood Sorcery
  • System: Greater Animation uses the following system:
    • Ingredients: As the ritual Lesser Animation
    • Process: As the ritual Lesser Animation but for six consecutive nights. In total, this ritual takes twelve Rouse Checks worth of Blood from the caster.
    • System: This power works the same way as Lesser Animation but allows the vampire to animate more complex creatures. Certain life forms are probably beyond the capacity of this power, but the only limit is what the Storyteller chooses to allow. This power also allows minor changes to be made to lesser subjects. For examples, an animated human corpse may wield a bone-hook instead of a hand, or a rat might be able to fly with a pair of leathery gargoyle-wings made from the bonds and skin of birds and infants.

A human animated in this manner retains none of his original "self." This power merely animates the corpse as it does not reunite the spirit with the body.

  • Duration: Six nights.

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This ritual is the fourth level of Rituals of Biothaumaturgy. Which also includes:

This bizarre path reputedly has its roots in the secret tomes of the inscrutable Black Hand. Over the past few years, its esoteric secrets have spread among certain cabals of Tremere, who regard it as curious mixture of Hermetic science and genetics. Biothaumaturgy concerns itself with the manipulation of life energies. In the laboratories of inspired Biothaumaturgy may be found strange creatures almost out of myth, veritable Frankenstein's monsters and less wholesome creations. Although it is not considered a "taboo" path, Biothaumaturgy is nonetheless strange and unsettling to those who observe its results.

Biothaumaturgy also requires the thaumaturge to have a laboratory where she may conduct her experiments. This need be nothing more complex than a doctor's table and a few sharp knives, but it may be as complex as the "mad scientist" affairs of pulp fiction, with steaming alembics and crackling generators. The Storyteller should feel free to modify a character's Biothaumaturgy difficulties if she has excellent laboratory resources or her facilities are utterly lacking. Working with a crude lab may add two to the difficulty while a high-grade facility may lower his difficulties by two.


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