Lingering Kiss (Revamped)

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Presence ••

The Kiss of a vampire induces near-ecstasy in the victim, but this power leaves other Kisses in the dust. Victims fed upon by the user are temporarily empowered, but also become addicted to the Kiss - obsessing over it and even seeking the vampire out for repeated feedings. Mortals often become anemic, self-harm, or even die from this addiction; an artist inspired by a Toreador might reach brilliant heights of creativity, but the brightest stars burn out the fastest.

Addicting other vampires is also possible, with the caveat that obsessed vampires demanding to be fed from quickly lead to the user becoming Blood Bound.

  • Cost: Free
  • Dice Pool:
  • System: The vampire can choose to use this power or not during each feeding. If they use it, the victim gains a bonus equal to half the user’s Presence (round up) to one category of dice pools (Physical, Social, or Mental) chosen by the user. This benefit lasts for a number of nights equal to the user’s Presence.

Once the benefit fades, withdrawal strikes and all actions not spent working toward acquiring a new fix receive a penalty equal to the initial bonus, including trying to resist whatever the user asks of the addict. A victim in withdrawal can spend Willpower to ignore the penalties for a scene, and the penalties fade after a number of nights equal to the user’s Presence.

  • Duration: A number of nights equal to the user's Presence rating for the bonus, and the same number of nights for the penalty afterward.

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Author: User:Dercomai, adapting the different versions from different errata documents and printings of the corebook.

Other Credits: This version of the power was originally suggested by User:Lumi


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