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One of the most subtle and versatile applications of Protean, this power allows the user to “sculpt” their own features into whatever form they please. These changes are mainly cosmetic, but many Kindred relish the chance to make alterations to their static form.

  • Cost: One Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: Manipulation + Subterfuge, Manipulation + Performance
  • System: No roll is necessary to activate this power. The vampire can change any physical characteristics of their appearance, giving them +1 die on any rolls associated with their particular description—anything from "beautiful" to "inhumanly terrifying" to "looks like Marcus Vitel".

While this can be an effective way to conceal one's appearance, it's fundamentally a physical disguise rather than the mental illusions of Obfuscate; like with a mundane disguise, Manipulation + Subterfuge and/or Performance rolls are often necessary to avoid giving away your identity through movements and mannerisms.

  • Duration: One scene, or until used again

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