Merit:(●-●●●) Folkloric Boons

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Many supernatural talents have been attributed to vampires across the world's history, and while many are due to Disciplines, many are simply oddities of the Blood, such as:

  • ●●● Childe of Moonlight: While you stand exposed to moonlight, your undead flesh knits itself, allowing you to recover one Superficial Health every turn with no cost.
  • ●● Grasp of the Damned: When you maintain a grip on a mortal target, you may cause their body to wither quickly and painfully. Each consecutive turn you maintain your grasp, the mortal suffers a cumulative -1 penalty to all physical die pools, to a minimum of 1 die. Each turn you are not in contact with the mortal, the penalty reduces by 1. If the penalty becomes as high as their maximum Health, the mortal dies and crumbles to ash.
  • ●● Sight of Vitae: You may visually see the blood running through a creature's veins. This may function through light clothes and in perfect darkness or smoke, though this grants your vision no increased precision or field of view, and will not function through walls or clothing thicker than average biker gear(Assuming such clothing covers their full body). A Wits+Awareness(Difficulty 4) roll may determine if you are looking at a mortal, vampire, or ghoul, though this ability offers no further insight.
    • Flaw: (●) Tantalized Beast: Your ability to perceive a person's veins serves as a very constant reminder of your nature. At the beginning of each scene involving one or more mortals that you may see(Or when a mortal joins a scene where there were none prior), you must make a Hunger Frenzy check(Difficulty 1). You remove dice equal to one less than your hunger, and you do not make this roll if at Hunger 0.
  • ●-●●● Blood Rush: All vampires are empowered with blood, but your case is very immediate and potent. When you feed on a creature, you may choose to slake no hunger when doing so, instead using the blood as a very short-lived rush of power. For each point of hunger you would have slaked, you increase one of your physical attributes by 1. You may not increase a single attribute in this way more times than your Blood Rush rating. These increases remain for the scene.



Author: ♥Abel♥

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