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Oblivion ••

Vampires aren't the only undead creatures in this world. By spilling Vitae over a ritual sacrifice, a Hecata can transmute the stolen life-force in it into something other dead things can use.

  • Cost: One or more Rouse Checks
  • Dice Pool: None
  • System: The user concentrates for a turn as they prepare some type of food or drink, then mark it with at least one Rouse Check worth of blood. The blood becomes inert and useless to vampires, as the life-energy inside it twists into a new form: any ghost in the vicinity can consume the marked food, healing one superficial Willpower damage for each Rouse Check worth of blood. While all nearby ghosts can "smell" the feast and may swarm around it, this power does nothing to compel obedience, or even friendliness—that remains up to the user's own bargaining skill.
  • Duration: The transmuted blood remains potent until sunrise.

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Author: Draconis

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