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Oblivion Ceremony

This grisly ceremony was developed by the Nagaraja as a method of feeding in desperate circumstances. In modern nights, it's gained some popularity among other members of the Hecata as an easy way to dispose of inconvenient evidence.

  • Cost: Vetiver and resin, mixed with the ashes of crow or magpie feathers
  • Dice Pool: The necromancer marks a human cadaver with a mixture of ingredients, then physically consumes it over the course of a scene, tearing apart flesh and bone with their teeth and forcing their undead body to swallow it.
  • System: If the ceremony roll succeeds, the necromancer can choose one of the following effects. On a critical win, they can choose two (or the same one twice).
    • Reduce their Hunger by two (within the limits imposed by Blood Potency), gaining Oblivion resonance
    • Experience a brief Memoriam from the victim's perspective
    • Gain one skill specialty possessed by the victim, which lasts until the next sunrise

Regardless of its condition, the cadaver is entirely consumed in the process, with the remains feeding the hunger of Oblivion. Nothing remains to be used again for this or any other ceremony.

  • Duration: One scene

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Author: Draconis

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