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Dominate ••••

Dominate is a raw expression of a vampire's power over others, taking control of their bodies and minds. This power goes one step further, asserting direct control over another vampire's Blood.

  • Cost: One Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: Charisma + Dominate versus Resolve + the affected discipline
  • System: With a verbal expression of denial or disapproval and a roll of Charisma + Dominate versus Resolve + the affected discipline, the vampire can shut down one of their target's supernatural abilities (mechanically, a single discipline power, or equivalent for other supernatural creatures). They must be able to describe the power's effect in order to Stifle it, but don't need to know its name or mechanics: "transforming into mist" or "dodging bullets" are just as valid as "Mist Form" and "Rapid Reflexes".

On a win, the power immediately ends (if it's currently active) and cannot be activated or have any effect for the rest of the scene; a vampire stripped of their Resilience, for example, immediately loses their additional health levels (and may become Impaired as a result). On a critical win, all powers of that discipline are suppressed.

  • Duration: One scene

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Author: User:Dercomai

Other Credits: Adapted from the MET power Tyrant's Gaze


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