The Feather's Flight

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Auspex ••••

  • Prerequisite: Scry the Soul

After learning to perceive the auras projected from the human soul, some Kindred develop this ability further, learning to track these auras backward through time. With this power active, traces of auras appear as shimmering trails of light weaving through the air.

  • Cost: One Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: Resolve + Auspex
  • System: Make a Rouse Check and roll Resolve + Auspex against a difficulty based on the freshness of the trail; looking for an aura a couple hours old might be Difficulty 3, while following a weeks-old trail through a crowded club might be Difficulty 6 or higher. As with Scry the Soul, the vampire can either scan the area for general qualities, or try to focus on a specific trail—though unless the target is present, they'll need to work from a description like "the vampire who touched this" or "the angriest person in the alley".

On a win, the vampire knows how old the trail is and can follow it in either direction, getting a sense of how the target moved and what objects they touched. They can also ask a number of questions equal to the margin about the state of their target's soul at any particular point, as with Scry the Soul.

  • Duration: One scene

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Author: Draconis/Dercomai

Other Credits: Based on a power from Shadows of Mexico


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