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A different version of the Malkavian Madness Network Loresheet with clearer mechanical effects.
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Fruit from the Tree of Madness
Sometimes you are able to pick out a stray thought from within the Cobweb that is applicable to a situation you are faced with. Once per story, the Malkavian may ask the Storyteller for a piece of information about a task the Malkavian is faced with. The ST should supply this answer in a manner appropriate to the Cobweb, but the answer should be applicable to the situation the Malkavian has asked about.
•• Insight in the Static
Malkavians are often able to 'see' patterns in the way their madness functions, and are often able to see abstract answers that apply to the puzzles they applying themselves to in their unlives. Once per story, the Malkavian may apply a +2 dice bonus to an Occult or Academics-related test. This dice bonus cannot be turned into an Automatic Win, it must be rolled.
••• Found in the Fog
It is said that the Cobweb connects all Malkavians, allowing the Seers insight into each other, and often allowing Seers to communicate with each other. You have found a hidden message in the Cobweb from a Malkavian 'doomsday prepper,' directing you to a safehouse filled with books. You gain a 2-dot Haven with Library (Specialty of your choice, with ST approval) at 1-dot and Warding at 1-dot.
•••• Strength in the Similar
Your connection to the Cobweb has, somehow, spread to the minds of mortals with similar mental states, who you have been subtly in contact with via this strange, and unprecedented, connection. You gain 5 dots in Allies, to distribute as you choose between Effectiveness and Reliability.
••••• Voice in the Din
The susurrus of the Cobweb sometimes falls away, leaving you with a murmured, slightly distorted voice that offers you advice. True, actual advice. And sometimes it asks for favors in return for its advice. You gain a Mawla at 5-dots representing The Voice, which functions per the normal rules for Mawli, though may be able to offer more esoteric insights and answers at ST discretion. Whether the Voice is truly Malkav himself, picking you out of the din of the network, or some Ancient remains to be seen (and is up to the Storyteller).


Author: ElmerG

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