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Fortitude •••••

This Fortitude power was invented by the Cappadocians, and in modern times is used almost exclusively by the Hecata. It allows the vampire to survive dismemberment, and even retain control over severed body parts.

  • Cost: 1 Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: {{{dicepool}}}
  • System: The player rolls a rouse check. For one scene, dismemberment is not considered aggravated unless the damage comes from something that would be aggravated regardless, such as sunlight. Decapitation and having the heart removed is no longer fatal. Additionally, the vampire retains full control over chopped off parts, being able to control the body even as a chopped off head on the ground, being able to make chopped off hands walk around like spiders, etc. Unless the damage was aggravated, the body parts can reattach by being pressed against each other and making normal healing rouse checks. If fatal damage such as decapitation is not healed by the end of the scene, the vampire dies normally.
  • Duration: One scene.

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