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Animalism ••

  • Amalgam: Obfuscate 2

The Ravnos and the Nosferatu both take credit for inventing this power, allowing them to send messages between clanmates in different cities. It fell out of common use in the nineteenth century with the rise of the telegraph, but has seen a resurgence in modern nights as Kindred search frantically for communication lines the Inquisition can't tap.

  • Cost: One Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool:
  • System: The vampire feeds a few drops of blood to a bird, cat, or other small animal, whispers a message into its ears, and imbues it with a sense of the intended recipient (who must be personally known to the vampire).

The animal gains an instinctive knowledge of the distance and direction to its target, and follows it to the best of its ability. When it finds the target, it speaks the message once in the vampire's voice, then returns to its usual behavior.

  • Duration: Until the message is delivered, or the animal dies.

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Author: Draconis/Dercomai

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