Blood in the Water

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Like a shark hunting its prey, the vampire can use their Beast's desire for blood as a useful tool for tracking. With enough concentration they can sharpen their senses to focus on fresh blood to the exclusion of all else, smelling it hundreds of feet away or seeing it in vivid red against a grayscale world.

  • Cost: Free
  • Dice Pool: Resolve + Animalism
  • System: This power takes a full turn to activate, during which the user can take no other actions. While it's active, the vampire can add their Hunger to any rolls to determine properties of someone's blood, such as the tests for the Bloodhound merit or the Sorcery power A Taste for Blood. At the same time, their Hunger is especially distracting, inflicting a -2 penalty on all Charisma, Manipulation, and Composure tests.

As long as this power is active, the vampire can roll Resolve + Animalism (with the power's Hunger bonus) to determine the distance and direction to any blood spilled since the beginning of the scene or any entity who is currently bleeding (as a rule of thumb, this generally means mortals with untreated aggravated damage). The difficulty depends on the distance, obstacles, and amount of blood present, ranging from 1 for someone bleeding out just down the alley to 6 for a specific nosebleed in a hospital.

With a critical win on the roll, or with a few turns of close inspection (no roll required), they can also determine that blood's resonance and how much Hunger can be slaked from it (either safely or unsafely). Since this requires the blood to be exposed to open air, it's generally not helpful in hunting, though at least one Tzimisce is known to use it to determine when someone has fed on their private herd.

  • Duration: Until deactivated

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