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Career Sadist

You are a terrible person, even by vampire standards. Cruel, vindictive, relentless as you bully and put-down everyone around you, farming out their pain for sustenance. You can smell their anguish clotting into self-pity, and then into void. Assembling a number of broken victims and lucky survivors of your attention, it's a wonder that people tolerate you, but then again you probably haven't given them a choice.

  • Add a specialty: Insight (Insecurities) or Intimidation (Repeat Bullying)
  • Gain one dot of: Dominate or Oblivion
  • Lose one dot of Humanity
  • Gain the Influence Flaw: Disliked (•)
  • Gain the Feeding Merit: Bloodhound (•)
  • Spend three dots between the Herd (utterly crushed victims) and Influence (trampled bureaucrats) Backgrounds

Predator Pool: Manipulation + Insight


Author: Sharkey

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