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Hey there! I'm Sharkey, I write things for 5th Edition and hope they turn out good. You can find some of my work here, though I mostly hang out on the WoD 5th Edition Discord and similar places.



Abyss Mysticism, profane Oblivion Ceremonies practiced by the Cult of Shalim and other heretical Lasombra, harnessing the power in hunger and shadow.

Level One: Watcher's Shade

Level Two: Feed the Hungry Dark

Level Three: A Shadow's Prying Eyes

Level Four: Maw of Ahriman

Level Five: Whispers in the Dark


Level Two: Body of Mist

Level Five: One Thousand Eyes

The following are a set of powers based on the Vicissitude Discipline of older editions, intended to represent clan Tzimisce's mastery over the flesh with V5-friendly mechanics and design goals.

Level One: Sew the Flesh

Level Two Sculpt the Clay

Level Four Shape the Visage


Descendant of Count Dracula, a set of lores connecting a character to the most prolific vampire in modern history, by Blood and practices.

Revenant Family: Bratovitch, a feral family tree of mortals shaped into kennel masters and guardians by the Tzimisce. The Bratovitch bear a savage seed in their blood.

Predator Types

Career Sadist, a predator who harvests the pain, insecurities, and eventual emptiness of their victims through bullying and torment.

Other Rules

The Sacrament of Communion, a toxic rite which binds vampires together in community and Blood. Made infamous by the Sabbat, it serves as a rare but powerful tool in the Church of Caine toolbox.

More Versatile Animal Stats, a partial rewrite of the animal stat blocks found in the corebook aimed to provide a wider array of possible forms, all with their unique benefits and drawbacks.