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Mediawiki is a versatile platform for sharing and formatting information, but it does have a slight learning curve. However, with the heavy use of templates on the V5 Homebrew Wiki, our contributors shouldn't have to become wiki masters to work on the wiki. Below are a few guidelines, tips and tricks for using the wiki to its fullest potential.

Text Sections

A number of sections will take large chunks of raw text, such as the Archetype descriptions on the Clan/Bloodline pages, or the descriptions of the various Loresheet levels. These text sections can use common wiki markup to do additional formatting.

  • You can reference the Mediawiki Cheatsheet to get an overview, with examples, of the most common wiki features such as bullets and other lists, creating links and such things. This will give you a great breadth of easy-to-use formatting options.

Further below are some things specific to this wiki:

Basic Formatting

Basic formatting is covered on the above cheatsheet, but there are some common questions hat we've been asked.

Indenting Lists

Basic lists are made using an asterisk (*) for the first branch of the list, and multiple asterisks are used to create sub-branches (**).This can go out to five indentions. When using lists, do not put an extra line break between the list entries. For example:

You Type You Get
* Main

** Sub

  • Main
    • Sub

Dot Templates

The wiki uses a series of templates to mimic the 'dots' of a World of Darkness character sheet. These templates are available for you to use in your text, by simply inserting the following in your text (exact capitalization, etc. is necessary):

You Type You Get
{{2Dot}} ••
{{3Dot}} •••
{{4Dot}} ••••
{{5Dot}} •••••

For example, if you wanted to give a character dots for the value of a Merit, you could do: Looks ••, or to show the level of a Flaw from a Predator Type, you could format it as Enemy •••.


The V5 Homebrew wiki is designed to support custom CSS used in pages, to do things like format text, change text color, and other functions. While we would like the use of this to be sparing (so that our readers are spared from, as other wikis have coined it, 'rainbow vomit webpages'), CSS is allowed to be used. You can find a ton of resources on using CSS on the web, but we ask that you use it mainly to format text if need-be.


The wiki allows users to upload images for their projects, such as character images for SPCs or clan logos and such for Clans and Bloodlines. There are a few things to keep in mind about images:

  • Don't abuse them. Don't just upload to upload; only upload what you'll use. Administration will remove this functionality if it is abused.
  • Keep all images PG-13; no nudity, no pr0n, etc.

Uploading Images

There are two ways to upload images:

  • You can navigate to the Upload file link under tools to upload an image.
    • From there, follow the on-screen instructions to upload.
  • Or you can use the multi-upload tool found on the wiki. When you click Edit on a page, you'll get the edit box with the following gray bar:
    • You can drag and drop images onto that gray bar. Once you do, you'll be given some options to upload, overwrite existing images, etc. for the images. Simply follow the on screen prompts to upload files.

Image Names

Image names can be used to do some tricks on the wiki via templates. When you upload an image, you can use any name you like. When you upload Clan logo images, you can use the following filename:

  • SymbolClanClan NameV5.png
    • Ex: SymbolClanGargoyleV5.png, SymbolClanCappadocianV5.png

This filename is used on SPC pages, and will allow the image you've uploaded/created to display on those pages under the SPC section.