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Blood Sorcery Ritual ••

Practitioners of Movement of the Mind have created a ritual that mystically allows themselves to telekinetically move, push, or grab objects and even people. If you can see a target, you can lift or manipulate it as though you are physically holding it. Telekinetic control over an object via Movement of the Mind does not provide you with tactile sensation, and thus you cannot feel if an object is hot, rough, or slippery from a distance.

  • Cost: 1 Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: See system
  • System: Movement of the Mind functions as follows:
    • Ingredients: Absorbent string, mercury and vitae
    • Process: The caster mixes the mercury and the vitae in a bowl, and lets the string soak in it for the duration of the ritual. Once soaked, the string is wound around the base of the fingers, where they connect to the palm.
    • System: Make the Ritual roll once the Ritual casting time has passed. On a regular win, the vampire gains the ability to telekinetically manipulate objects up to 50lb. in weight; on a critical win, that weight limit increases to 150-200lb. Telekinetic manipulation is done via a roll of Intelligence + Blood Sorcery. This power can be used to attack in one of the following manners:
      • Treat the attack as a Ranged attack using Composure + Blood Sorcery, with a +2 damage modifier.
      • Treat the attack as an attempted Grapple (V5 core pg. 301) using Resolve + Blood Sorcery, with all the options available except the Bite option. The target resists per the normal rules.
  • Duration: One scene.

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