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  • 01:03, 4 October 2021 TheMysterioStranger (talk | contribs) created page Lustful (Created page with "{{Merit |type=Type of Merit. Normal, Mythic, Thin-Blood, Psychological, Ghoul, Coterie, Clan. This effects the sorting. |description=The description of the Merit itself. |leve...")
  • 00:10, 20 September 2021 TheMysterioStranger (talk | contribs) created page Chubby Chaser (Created page with "{{Chubby Chaser |A Chubby Chaser is exactly what is sounds. Kindred how are Chubby Chasers perfer feeding on mortals who are pleasently plump, chubby, fat, or just obese. Ethi...")
  • 22:22, 19 September 2021 User account TheMysterioStranger (talk | contribs) was created