The Tears of Zillah (Loresheet)

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The Tears of Zillah were created with a Loresheet in mind.
Zillah the Prophet
Always be prepared for any eventuality. Predict your enemy’s movements before they can happen. And make sure the predator does not become the prey. Once per story, you have prepared a bolt hole. It functions as a 1 dot Haven with 1 dot in an appropriate Merit, such as Postern or Security.
•• Zillah the Huntress
In Zillah’s name we engage in sacred hunts. Hunts for survival, hunts for sustenance and hunts for those that go against the Ways of Zillah. Once per story you can indicate a prey and you receive a 3-dice bonus to all rolls for surveilling or stalking them.
••• Freedom from Bloody Chains
The Free Ghouls have ever been the cogs that make our machines work. Respect them, reward them, but never forget where you stand in the food chain. You receive 4 dots in Retainers: Free Ghouls. They are generally loyal and happy to be of service as long as the blood keeps coming. Their freedom has an obvious downside, though. Free Ghouls, like other Ghouls, are Vitae addicts. However, these do not have a mystically enforced loyalty towards you.
•••• Zillah the Beautiful
Just as Caine could not resist Zillah, neither can anyone else when you channel her beauty. You cannot force or control them into doing what you want, they just seem to want to please you. Once per Story an SPC can't say no to you unless it would put them in direct harm or violate their Convictions. You cannot intimidate or force them into it, however manipulation by oozing displeasure is completely acceptable.
••••• Ritual of the Weeping Stone
For centuries, The Tears of Zillah endeavoured to fully grasp how the blood bond enslaves. This effort produced a ritual that can break this unholy leash. This secret is only taught to the most loyal followers of The Huntress. Once per Chronicle, you can perform a Ritual that requires the caster’s bloody tears, pours them in a cup and you mix them with tears of grief or remorse originating from the target of the Ritual. It bestows the Merit Unbondable on the target. This breaks all full and partial Blood Bonds. It can only be used on a willing subject.


Author: Graspiloot

Other Credits: Special thanks to Sharkey, WerinnVex and LunarLorkhan for their help!


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