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The Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition Homebrew Wiki is nothing without the contributions of V5's fans. But like all websites, the V5 Homebrew Wiki does have some guidelines that must be adhered to by its collaborators and contributors. The guidelines and rules are meant to help maintain consistency to the wiki; consistency helps keep things organized, and ensures that the players have an easy access to the things they may want to read and utilize.

General Guidelines

  • It should go without saying, but this wiki is specifically for V5 content. Please only submit V5 content to ensure clarity for users.
  • Submitted content CAN NOT reprint material from the V5 books directly. If you need to reference rules from the books, please include a book/page number reference.
    • Ex: V5 Core, pg. 219.
  • Multiple submissions of the same content are allowed. Just ensure that you are adhering to the rules about versions on the various content pages.
    • Ex: Jessie writes up a homebrew version of Obeah. James writes up a homebrew version of Obeah. Both can be submitted.
  • Please ensure that you're using the templates provided. This will ensure that contributors have the minimal work to do to get their content to display properly. It's also helpful to familiarize yourself with MediaWiki markup, so you can use lists, tables and such in your content if you so desire. Content found using other templates will be rerun through the existing templates.
  • Your contributions may not contain racist, homophobic, or discriminatory views; gratuitous depictions or descriptions of violence or gore; rape or other acts of criminal perversion; scenes or material of an explicitly sexual nature; or other harmful or obscene material.
  • Art can be used on the SPC, Loresheet and Clans pages. Art can be photographs, drawings, or other material. If you do not own the art itself, please refer to the Disclaimer for particulars on art usage.

Content found to be not in accordance with the above guidelines as well as the Dark Pack guidelines (as linked on the Disclaimer page) will be subject to removal from the wiki.

Accepted Content

The wiki is designed to house the following V5 homebrew content:


  • Discipline Powers: Fan-made and converted Discipline Powers for the existing core Disciplines in V5. The wiki is designed to support Levels 1 through 5 per the core book.
    • Ex: Converting the Auspex power Psychic Assault or the Vicissitude power Body Armory, or creating the power Conflagration for Blood Sorcery.
  • Full Disciplines: Fan-made and converted full Disciplines, organized in the manner of the core book (2 powers at Level 1; 1 power plus an optional Amalgam power at Level 2; 2 powers at Level 3; 1 power plus an optional Amalgam power at Level 4; and two Level 5 powers).
    • Ex: Converting the Vicissitude Discipline, or creating the new Mobility Discipline.


  • Clan and Bloodline Conversions: Converting Clans and Bloodlines from existing Vampire the Masquerade content. This can also include new interpretations of the currently-published Clans. Clan-equivalents such as Laibon Legacies can fit here as well, but will be required to adhere to the existing template structure.
    • Ex: Converting the Giovanni, or reinterpreting the Lasombra.
  • New Clans and Bloodlines: Complete homebrew Clans/Bloodlines. These should have attendant Disciplines that can be linked from the template to either Full Disciplines or Discipline Powers.
    • Ex: A player wants to share their homebrew original Bloodline originating in ancient Greece that venerates Ares and has a Discipline that is a conversion of Path of Mars. Or someone wants to show their conversion of the Requiem's Mekhet, or creating a Bloodline from the Drowned Legacies' Kalku. .


  • Backgrounds: Converting Backgrounds from prior editions of Vampire (including Requiem), or creating new Backgrounds.
    • Ex: Converting the Influence Background from the Laws of the Night LARP books.
  • Merits and Flaws: Converting Merits and Flaws from prior editions of Vampire (including Requiem), or creating new Merits and Flaws.
    • Ex: Converting the Oracular Ability Merit, or creating a Merit that deals with better dark vision without Protean or Auspex.
  • Loresheets: Fan-made Loresheets. The Loresheet template will support the standard 5 levels of Loresheets.
    • Ex: A player wants to share their original Loresheet built around being an Archon.

Special Rules

  • Predator Types: Homebrew Predator Types.
    • Ex: A new Predator Type based around feeding on diseased blood.
  • Other Rules: Other rules that don't fit in the above categories. Articles on how to use the existing systems can also be placed here.
    • Ex: Revisions of the weapon/armor rules as presented in V5, or a treatise on effective use of the existing combat rules.


  • By Sect: Vampire SPCs can be submitted, sorted by sect (Cam, Anarch and Autarkis/Independent at this time). This will make extensive use of a template, which can be printed with Mediawiki's print to PDF option.
  • By Clan: Vampire SPCs can be submitted, sorted by Clan. This will make extensive use of a template, which can be printed with Mediawiki's print to PDF option.
    • These sections will support both the existing Clans in published material as well as any fan-made Clans entered into the box; explanation of sorting will be on each attendant page.
  • Humans: Human SPCs can go here. There will be two options, Human SPCs with full sheets as well as 'quick' Human SPC sheets in accordance with the book.

Example Pages

Below are a few example pages, to show some of the types of manipulation that can be done on the various pages to display. On all these pages, you can view the source of the page to see how things are laid out, but it's all pretty straightforward.

  • Example Merit - This shows some of the potential ways to manipulate the template.
  • Example Background - This shows some of the potential ways to manipulate the template.
  • Test Discipline - A full layout of a Discipline, which will give a 'baseline' of what the template will look like.
  • Example Loresheet - A layout of a Loresheet, with basic data filled in.
  • Malleable Visage - A finished Discipline power for Protean.
  • Example PredType - An example Predator Type showing what the template can look like.