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  • Amalgam: Auspex 1

Utilizing the combination of Auspex to 'know' their body intrinsically, the users of Malleable Visage are able to utilize their Protean shapeshifting capabilities to alter the physical characteristics of their body, allowing them to mold their flesh like clay. With this power, a fleshcrafter can alter their appearance, shaping their flesh and tissue to match the visage of another individual. The person to be mimicked in this fashion may be someone specific, or the visage may be a random assortment of features, as the user desires.

  • Cost: Free
  • Dice Pool: Dexterity + Protean
  • System: The vampire makes a Dexterity + Protean roll when attempting to properly shape their flesh in order to change their appearance. On a Win or a Critical Win, the vampire is able to successfully make the changes; on a Failure or Total Failure, the vampire fails to enact the changes, but may make another attempt. The Difficulty of the roll changes the more complex the changes; the Storyteller should set the Difficulty based on the type of changes that are being attempted on the vampire. Some sample difficulties include:
    • Difficulty 2: Eye color, hair color, facial features, elongated nails, skin color
    • Difficulty 3: 'Tentacle' hair, weight, height
    • Difficulty 4: Sex, inhuman features

Upon a successful activation of Malleable Visage, the vampire can make appropriate changes to their body by molding the changes onto themselves; this process takes 5 minutes of molding on a Win, or 1 minute of molding on a Critical Win. This power can be used to alter your features to any appearance within a normal human range. You can alter your face, size, sex, skin, voice, or hair color, as well as adding or subtracting distinguishing marks and minor features (such as the common Tzimisce tentacles or elongated nails). You can alter your height by up to one foot up or down, but you cannot become something that is not human, such as an animal, and you cannot rearrange your organs. Outside of simply changing your form, Malleable Visage provides the following mechanical effects:

  • The most common use of Malleable Visage is to give yourself a more beautiful (or monstrous), often slightly alien, appearance; this goes beyond the simple effect of altering the width of your eyes or affixing a piercing for the evening. Changes to appearance can grant a bonus on appropriate Social pools (+1 on a normal Win, +2 on a Critical Win; this stacks with the Looks Merits) at Storyteller discretion. For example. a monstrously alien appearance might grant a bonus to Intimidation, while the stunningly beautiful looks of a movie star might grant a bonus to Persuasion.
  • Careful application of Malleable Visage can allow the vampire to mimic another individual. To believably mimic a specific individual’s appearance and voice, you must have at least 2 dots of the Medicine skill and you must study that individual from multiple angles for a number of hours equal to 6 minus your Performance rating (IE: a character with Performance 3 must study the target for 3 hours), learning her facial expressions, how she moves, and other distinctive qualities. This study can take place over multiple nights. You might be able to mimic someone’s face after studying a photograph, but your disguise will not fool people who have ever met your target, as you do not know enough to successfully exemplify that person. Malleable Visage grants a +2 to all rolls made to believably mimic the person based on their physical appearance. Mimicking another individual often requires an appropriate Manipulation + Performance vs. Wits + Inisight contest, but the ST can call for any appropriate contest needed.
  • Duration: Until the following dawn, or until the power is dismissed.

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