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••Perhaps you were part of an occult ritual or blood magic experiment, had a diablerist sire, are a throwback to an earlier bloodline or caste, or in the case of mages and kinfolk - were not fully human before your embrace. Clearly the nuances of your vampiric vitae show that you deviate from the norms of your Clan. Some may regard you as an aberration with muddied blood. Others may regard you as a potential ally who may usher in a formidable new bloodline someday. Regardless of the case, you gain an extra, fourth in-clan discipline at character creation of your choosing. Yet for this extra potential you must also choose two extra dots (●●) in Flaws at the Storyteller's discretion that in some way reflect your peculiar nature whether physically, mentally, or socially. These flaws do not count towards your total number of flaws that must be taken at character creation, and they may never be lost or purchased away


Author: Oppressor

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