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Discipline Powers

Tzimisce Related Powers

The Vicissitude part of Protean is a visceral, messy and often shocking act for those who witness it, as well as a painful and disturbing process for those who experience it.

The Storyteller may decide to give Stains, Willpower damage or even Frenzy checks to some of the participants as a result, usually based on the margin of failure or success in some way. The Storyteller can require dots in Medicine when using these on mortals to avoid hurting them badly.

Originally from Clan Tzimisce


Rituals of Biothaumaturgy

This bizarre path reputedly has its roots in the secret tomes of the inscrutable Black Hand. Over the past few years, its esoteric secrets have spread among certain cabals of Tremere, who regard it as curious mixture of Hermetic science and genetics. Biothaumaturgy concerns itself with the manipulation of life energies. In the laboratories of inspired Biothaumaturgy may be found strange creatures almost out of myth, veritable Frankenstein's monsters and less wholesome creations. Although it is not considered a "taboo" path, Biothaumaturgy is nonetheless strange and unsettling to those who observe its results.

Biothaumaturgy also requires the thaumaturge to have a laboratory where she may conduct her experiments. This need be nothing more complex than a doctor's table and a few sharp knives, but it may be as complex as the "mad scientist" affairs of pulp fiction, with steaming alembics and crackling generators. The Storyteller should feel free to modify a character's Biothaumaturgy difficulties if she has excellent laboratory resources or her facilities are utterly lacking. Working with a crude lab may add two to the difficulty while a high-grade facility may lower his difficulties by two.

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Ritualistic Curses

Early in the history of Thaumaturgy, the Path of Curses was developed and refined. It is still known by its early names in certain circles: Maleficium, Hexen-Kraft, the Evil Eye. Victims of this path, often called accursed, are subject to extreme treatment and psychological feelings of inadequacy, often to the point of becoming social outcasts. When accursed are afflicted, friends and society tend to distance themselves from the victim, creating a social schism and driving the accursed toward alienation.

  • All Ritualistic Curses uses the following system:
    • Ingredients: Hair, blood, flesh or any other part of the victim.
    • Process: When cursing a victim, the thaumaturge is subtle - curses must be spoken in whispers and directly toward the target. The curse itself is often comprised of dead languages. The curse must be chanted for a minute per level and uses the difficulty system of corebook Rituals. Any interruption during the process automatically counts as a fail.
    • System: Because of the severe psychological effects on a victim, even if the rituals is successful, the target may cancel its effect. First she must succeed in a roll of Intelligence + Occult against a Difficulty equal to level of the curse +1 and then spend a Willpower point per level to negate the effect. This is the victim asserting his own strength of will and personality to throw off the yoke of anathema. The thaumaturge can lift the curses that she brings down at any time she wishes, which makes and excellent bargaining chip.

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Lure of Flames

With this ritual, the sorcerer conjures an eerie flame in her palm that sheds light but offers no warmth and does not provoke frenzy in other vampires. When she releases it at a target within sight, however, it burns like any ordinary fire and is beyond her control.

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Rituals of Warding

Tremere who study this Path dedicate themselves to defending the holdings of the clan. They can practically hold off entire armies. They are also capable of exposing infiltrators before they breach the clan's havens and hiding places.

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Full Disciplines


Animism is similar to Blood Sorcery in idea but very different in practice. Major differences include Animism requiring the service of the spirits of nature rather than memorized rites and rituals and requiring not so much an extension of will as being a master of the very material a Fiend wishes to manipulate. Despite being considered a form of Blood Magic it generally does no requires a careful manipulation of blood by the caster. The blood is offered as a payment to the elemental spirits. The ancient Tzimisce who cultivated this power knew the difficulties of hunting in their territories and thus instead invoke their powers through enslaving the spirits of the land.

Practitioners of Koldunic Sorcery are known as koldun and are almost exclusively Old Clan Tzimisce. Many "regular" Tzimisce are unable to practice Koldunism, having turned away from the spirituality and perfection this form of sorcery requires to master. However, Koldunic Sorcery is by no means "good"; constant use will cause the very land and earth to eventually warp around the user.

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Lightning has long been considered the dominion of the gods, but has traditionally been out of reach of thaumaturges due to a lack of understanding of the principles of electricity. As a result, this Path remained relatively obscure until the birth of modern science and the efforts of John Blackwood. The ample supply of electricity in the late 19th century meant that thaumaturges no longer had to wait until a convenient storm to charge their powers, but could gather the required electricity in mere seconds to direct as they chose.

Practitioners of the Path of the Levinbolt tend to cause a good deal of static electricity around them, even when not engaging in combat. Sometimes this plays havoc with cellular service, causes lights to flicker without reason, and computers to experience power surges in their presence.

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Guns and knives melt into pools of metal, wood petrifies and becomes brittle, and common boundaries such as walls and doors transmute to vapor. The laws of chemistry do not bind Warlocks employing the powers of transmutation, as materials shift their state regardless of their temperature. This path is looked upon somewhat unfavourably among the Tremere, as it reflects a "quick and dirty" effect rather than true mastery of alchemical transmutation.

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Other Rules

Originally from Clan Tzimisce