Alternate Bane: Lasombra

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This is an alternate clan bane for the Lasombra, taking inspiration from the Hollow Mekhet in V:tR (where the vampire's reflected image is independent and antagonistic). While many of the flavor descriptions of Lasombra's RAW bane reflections/recordings could certainly be similar to the changes below, the intent here to double down on the unnatural nature of anything that isn't their own, physical self.

Clan Bane: Distorted Soul

Your reflection, your captured image, your voice over a microphone, or anything similar always seems to try to tear away and do their own thing. Any time you're around or interact with these objects/devices, you risk breaching the Masquerade - your reflection may not quite move in tandem with you, a recording may look directly at the camera and crack a slightly fanged smile, or your voice over a phone line might have a second, monstrous whisper. These inconsistencies or monstrous tics aren't overt, and probably wouldn't cause a bystander to do a double take, but they will disturb any mortal that is directly paying attention to your image, and they are a telltale sign for any hunter. You are able to suppress this whatever-it-is (your own split soul, a latched-on oblivion spirit, or something else entirely) for a scene by spending Willpower equal to your Bane Severity.


Author: Razterisk

Other Credits: ElmerG and CHE-SARE on the WoD5 Discord, for discussion and additional ideas


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