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From the moment you woke from your Embrace, you had no memory of your mortal life except perhaps a single name, face or image of your home. Even if you have created a new identity and personality, your first one is forever lost to you. If you are a younger vampire in a highly developed, industrial nation, you may be able to eventually piece together the bare facts from public records, but if not, you may never recover or know what you have lost.

Note that this Flaw becomes less and less important for older Kindred. As a vampire ages, this Flaw may cease being a mechanical Flaw rather than a simple character detail, and should be replaced by another Flaw.


Flaw: {)As a result of this amnesia, people occasionally come out of the woodwork claiming to have known you and there is a limit to how good any Mask can be, as you do not know pitfalls, locations, topics, professions etc. to avoid when creating a new Identity. You suffer a two-dice penalty on all rolls to avoid detection by someone who knew you from your mortal life, and if an opposed test is not appropriate, people aware of your first life gain a two-die bonus when attempting to track you down, in spite of any Mask.


Author: Alratan

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