Animate the Inanimate

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Blood Sorcery •••

  • Amalgam: Dominate 3

By rousing a spirit from its slumber The Blood Sorcerer animates an object and compels it to obey the caster's command now or when a trigger has been activated sometime in the future. The spirit (when all goes well) returns to slumber once the compulsion has been obeyed or an hour after a subsumed trigger has been activated, whichever is shorter. the spell is often used to create a golem to protect the caste's haven.

  • Cost: 1 Rouse or 1 Rouse and 1 Willpower
  • Dice Pool: Manipulation + Blood Sorcery (Difficulty 2). Dice Pool for objects possessed by another entity: Manipulation + Blood Sorcery vs Intelligence + Resolve. The ST may add penalties for commands that work against the objects intended purpose or for objects greater than 5 foot cubed.
  • System: The vampire may issue a complex and conditional command to an object which must be obeyed to the letter. Triggers may be a person, place, time or catch phrase. It is best the vampire craft their command carefully as many objects and their associated spirit do not understand human concepts and seldom pay much attention to specific individuals unless there is a strong emotional bond or trauma. Triggers remain until Dawn. A Trigger may remain indefinitely if the vampire spends a level of Willpower that may not be healed until the command trigger is activated.

Eye contact or Line of Sight is unnecessary but the object must be within the vocal range of the caster's unaided voice. The command must be readily audible and understandable as if a human were to hear the command instead of the object. Language is not a barrier as long as the caster is competent in the language. An object cannot take an action that would be impossible for something with its form. The object however does become more flexible – A chair will walk over to its master or slid under a table; a door may be compelled to open or a gun to fire or twist out of the wielder's grip.

  • Duration: passive

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Author: Chris Wilson

Other Credits: White Wolf. A conversion and expansion of "Animate the Unmoving, Path of Elemental Mastery


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