Animate the Unmoving

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Blood Sorcery •••

  • Amalgam: Dominate 3

A Thaumaturge commands an inanimate object to animate at his immediate command or upon some predetermined condition in the near future.

  • Cost: 1 or more Rouse Checks
  • Dice Pool: Manipulation + Dominate (Difficulty 2). Difficulty increases by 1 or 2 if an object is compelled to act against its purpose, such as commanding a time locked vault door to open from the outside. Exceedingly large objects may also add +1 to the difficulty. if an object is possessed by an awakened spirit or ghost the dice pool is then Manipulation + Dominate vs Intelligence + Resolve.
  • System: The Sorcerer vocalizes a command to an object within range of his voice. The command may be complex and may contain conditional actions. (.....if someone other than me enters the room then attack the intruder.) This trigger can be anything from a specific date, to a person, to hearing a specific phrase. Triggers remain until sunrise. A submerged trigger may remain indefinitely if the Blood Sorcerer is willing to suffer 1 willpower damage that cannot be (or should not be) healed until the submerged trigger has been activated and the animated object has performed its actions. (The vampire is not mystically aware when this happens.) The Sorcerer must continuously exert its will over the object's spirit to prevent it from waking and turning against the sorcerer for their audacity.

Objects affected by this power move as the Vampire using it dictates. An object cannot take an action that would be completely inconceivable for something with its form – for instance, a door could not leap from its hinges and carry someone across the street. However, seemingly solid objects can become more flexible within reason: Barstools can run with their legs, guns can twist out of their owners hands or fire while holstered, and statues can move like normal humans.

  • Duration: Passive.

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Author: Chris Wilson

Other Credits: White Wolf; Path of Elemental Mastery 3: Animate the Unmoving; Mesmerism V5


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