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Blood Sorcery ••

The Blood Magus projects a needle of blood under supernatural pressure at a target for a ranged attack over about 10 meters or so. This is very clearly a masquerade breach and is used sparingly.

  • Cost: 1 Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: Dexterity + Blood Sorcery
  • System: The user must prick themselves on the hand or finger and focus the blood through the wound to send it shooting across approximately ten meters as a Ranged attack at a target, the needle of blood strikes and is temporarily solid, almost crystallized before disintegrating leaving nothing in the wound. The damage dealt is a base of +1 Superficial, increased by the Margin. The attack doesn't have the ability to pierce armor any thicker than a leather jacket however and is utterly useless outside of it's 10 meter range as it dissipates into powder on the wind. It also loses it's properties as vitae so it cannot be used in rituals or to acquire a blood bond.
  • Duration: One Turn

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Author: VentrueGuy

Other Credits: None - inspired by blood shot from the Bloodlines Video Game


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