Bloodlines 2 Thin-Blood: A New Breed

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This Merit simulates the thin-blood gameplay of Bloodlines 2.

A New Breed: You have developed a strange and unique Discipline of your own, an unnerving affinity with mists, bats or telekinetic force. You gain a dot in a Custom Discipline and can learn and retain additional dots in through experience expenditures as if you were a normal vampire. (The experience point cost is the same as an out-of-clan Discipline.)

Choose one:

  • Chiropteran - affinity with bats and gliding.
  • Mentalism - ability to telekinetically manipulate objects and levitate targets
  • Nebulation - affinity with choking and concealing mists

This unnatural power does come with a terrible downside, as its manifestation locks your mercurial nature to match its affinity and makes you unable to gain temporary powers based on the resonance of blood. Drinking blood with Resonance does not reward you with any extra dots in other Disciplines



Author: Lumi

Other Credits: Bloodlines 2, inspired by the Thin-Blood


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