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Protean •••••

  • Amalgam: Dominate 2
  • Prerequisite: Vicissitude

A refinement on the powers of Vicissitude developed by especially martial members of clan Tzimisce, users of this power can reshape their bodies to form deadly and gruesome looking weaponry that is as lethal to vampire opponents as it is to mere mortals. These weapons can take nearly any shape as long as the user is skilled enough in the Tzimisce arts to mold them; long bone talons, sword-arms, spiked fists, and other more unusual forms are all possible.

  • Cost: 2 Rouse checks
  • Dice Pool: Resolve + Protean
  • System: The user rolls Resolve + Protean against difficulty 4, a failure on this roll makes a lesser quality weapon as per the Vicissitude power (V5 Companion pg. 27) but successful roll results in a Heavy Melee weapon (+3 to damage) that deals Aggravated damage to mortal and vampires (at the Storyteller's discreiton other supernatural targets such as Lupine may also take Aggravated damage from these weapons) the weapon is made of the user's flesh and bone and can take any shape the user wishes.
  • Duration: One scene

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Author: Enby of Skulls.

Other Credits: based on a power from older editions of VtM, originally printed in "Players Guide to the Sabbat" by Steven C. Brown, Andrew Greenberg, and Chris McDonough


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