Bond with the Mountain

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Protean •••

  • Amalgam: Fortitude 1, Potence 2

Due to the Gargoyles intrinsic familiarity with Stone and Rock, rather than usin bare earth to bond with, the vampire sinks into the Rock – choosing how long they want to remain. Unless in torpor, the vampire rises again the following night. Gargoyles have also mastered the ability to move within the substance they have bonded with, albeit very slowly

  • Cost: 1 Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: None
  • System: No test is required, and this power functions almost identically to Earth Meld, but the vampire must be on a Rocky surface instead – artificial rock suck as Brick, Concrete and Asphalt is also acceptable. It takes a turn for the vampire to sink into the earth, leaving carried objects behind atop the stone.

A Vampire can move up to their Potence rating in Meters through the Rock, at a rate of one Meter per turn. If they become stuck, a further Rouse check is required to ‘reactivate’ this power. A vampire unable to rouse will need to be chiseled out or remain stuck for eternity While in the Stone the vampire is aware of their surroundings, except during day-sleep. At those times, disturbances (e.g., digging or loud noises) awaken them or not as with all vampires (p. 219).

  • Duration: One day or more, or until disturbed, or until free of the rock

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Author: Chipotlechris

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