Command the Spirit Within

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Blood Sorcery •••

  • Amalgam: Dominate 3

The Sorcerer animates the inanimate by exerting their Will upon a slumbering spirit with the targeted object.

  • Cost: 1 Rouse or 1 Rouse and 1 Willpower
  • Dice Pool: Manipulation + Dominate (Difficulty 2). +1 or +2 to the difficulty if the command attempts to force the object to act against it purpose. +1 for objects larger than the Blood Sorcerer. if the object is possessed by an awakened spirit or ghost then the Blood Pool is Manipulation + Dominate vs Intelligence + Resolve
  • System: The Blood Sorcerer commands an inanimate object (or more specifically the spirit within it) within range of her unaided voice. The command may include complex and conditional actions. Triggers may include a person, an object, a phrase or a specific time. A trigger remains dormant until sunrise or may remain indefinitely if the Thaumaturge is willing to take 1 Willpower damage which cannot be healed until the command trigger activates. Command the Spirit Within ends once the object performs the requisite command or an hour, whichever is shorter. Most man made inanimate objects understand the majority of human concepts but may have limited knowledge of the greater world. Blood Sorcerers should take this into account when crafting their command.

An object subject to Command the Inner Spirit may not act in a manner impossible for the object. For example, a table could not fly. The object does gain some flexibility - an action figure could move as a human and a gun could fire independently or twist out of their hands of its wielder.

  • Duration: Passive.

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Author: Chris Wilson

Other Credits: White Wolf. An expanded conversion of Command the Inanimate from Path of Elemental Mastery.


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