Corpore Sano

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Fortitude ••••

The vampire can heal wounds with a laying-on of hands. The subject feels a warm, tingling sensation over the affected areas as pain leaves the body and flesh knits. The vampire’s third eye opens during this process. Non-Salubri develop a third eye upon learning Corpore Sano.

  • Cost: At least 1 Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: N/A
  • System: This power works on any living or undead creature, but the character must touch the actual injury (or the closest part of the victim’s body, in the case of internal injuries) for at least one turn. For each Rouse Check, the vampire may heal Superficial damage in the target per her own Blood Potency. For example, a vampire with Blood Potency 3 could heal 2 points of Superficial damage in the target per Rouse Check. Alternatively, at the cost of two Rouse Checks, the vampire may use Corpore Sano to convert a number of Aggravated damage equal to their Fortitude rating to Superficial damage. The vampire may not heal that Superficial damage for the rest of the scene, and may not convert a target's Aggravated damage to Superficial damage more than once per night.
  • Duration: Instantaneous

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Author: Charlottepersephone

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