Sense Vitality

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Auspex ••

  • Amalgam: Fortitude 1

With a glance, the user can instantaneously read a target’s physical or spiritual vital markers. She may learn how much damage a target has incurred or what manner of being he is. (Conversion of Obeah 1)

  • Cost: 1 Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: Intelligence + Auspex
  • System: Make an Intelligence + Auspex vs Composure + Subterfuge roll. On a win, the Storyteller truthfully answers a number of questions equal to the margin of the roll about the target’s physical and physical state, including, but not limited to: whether the target has suffered injury and the extent of the damage; whether the target is under the influence of drugs or alcohol; how much blood a living target has left in her system; whether the target is using Blush of Life; the target's Humanity rating; and whether the subject is a vampire, werewolf, ghoul or any other supernatural being.
  • Duration: One turn, or Storyteller’s discretion

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Author: Charlottepersephone

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