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The Salubri were once numbered among the High Clans, frequently serving as important advisors to Princes across Europe and the Middle East. But, then came the diablerie of Saulot by the upstart Tremere bloodline. Without their antediluvian to guide them - and with the Tremere waging both a propaganda and literal war against them - the Salubri fell into a steep decline from which they've never recovered.

Now, most Kindred associate the Salubri with diablerie and worse. According to Tremere lies(?), the Salubri are infernalists, able to remove and devour the souls of other Kindred. Until recently, the few Salubri known to the Camarilla seemed to corroborate the Tremere stories: a group of Seven, each of whom embraced a single Childe who she would set on the path of Golconda, before instructing instructing the Childe to diablerize them.

In recent years, however, other, more violent, Salubri have appeared. While aligned for several years with the Sabbat, the so-called Warriors abandoned the sect when it became obsessed with fighting the Gehenna War. Unwilling to join the Camarilla that betrayed them so many centuries ago, many of these Warriors have instead found themselves among the Anarchs.

Who are the Salubri?

The Salubri are healers and warriors, watchers and mystics. They are compelled to improve the world around them, whether that means healing wounds, toppling dictators, or seeking personal enlightenment. (Or, in many cases, all three.)

While the clan has grown in recent years, it is still incredibly small and its members hold few, if any, domains. Healers rarely seek titles, while the formerly Sabbat-aligned Warriors are distrusted by both Camarilla and Anarchs, even if the latter are more than happy to have their swords on their side.

Salubri often embrace those who were healers, teachers, or philosophers in life, though they interpret all three of these terms quite broadly. Warriors, on the other hand, tend to embrace those who fight on behalf of others, with more than a few protestors embraced in recent years. On rare occasions, the Salubri may also embrace sinners seeking redemption, or even the rare monster they hope will be made better by the compulsion to sacrifice themself for others. It doesn't always work out well.

Salubri Archetypes

Folk Healer

In life, this Salubri was a healer of some sort - a doctor, nurse, EMT, psychologist, or spiritual advisor - and they've continued their work after the Embrace. One way or another, the injured know to come to this Salubri, and they just don't know how to say no. They might run an underground clinic or even work the night shift at their old job. And if they take a little blood now and then in payment, who could blame them?

Combat Medic

Like many of their clan, this Salubri has medical and first aid experience, but they gained it on the front lines, not in a hospital ward. Whether they cut their chops in the military or bandaging up protesters after a fight with the cops, they now use their skills to support Kindred and their allies who've been injured in combat.

Enlightenment Seeker

While many Salubri focus on healing those around them, the Enlightenment Seeker is more concerned with healing their own soul - and learning to overcome the Beast within. They spend their nights digging up mortal and arcane texts on enlightenment and Noddism, and may even be a Golconda seeker. While other Salubri support their research, digging too deep has resulted in more than one Salubri exposing themselves to their enemies among both Kindred and Kine.


Auspex, Fortitude, and Presence

Common amalgam powers: Sense Vitality, Corpore Sano (Healers), Unburdening the Bestial Soul (Healers), Vengeance of Samiel (Warriors)


Salubri have difficulty feeding on the innocent, unless the blood is willingly given. If a Cyclops attempts it, she takes a point of Willpower damage. As a result, Healer Salubri lean towards Consensualist or Osiris predator types. Conversely, Warriors might feed from the not-so-innocent, adopting the Alleycat, Extortionist, or even Blood Leech predator types. Salubri are generally unable to feed from bagged blood or from animals, as they do not know the origin of the former and concepts of innocence and willingness do not apply to most animals in the same way as to humans.

In addition, all Salubri develop a tell-tale third eye on their forehead. The eye may be hidden under hood or the brim of a hat, but covering the eye entirely results in a one die penalty on all rolls. The eye may, however, be temporarily hidden from view through use of Blush of Life.

Clan Compulsion: Sacrifice

The vampire is overwhelmed with a need to sacrifice on behalf of others or of some greater good, often at great risk to themselves. While the compulsion won't drive the vampire towards suicidal actions, until they receive a two-dice penalty to all rolls until they have sacrificed on behalf of someone or something else.


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