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(Banu Haqim characters only)

Since the foundation of Alamut, the ancient mountain fortress of the Children of Haqim, Al-Ashrad has been the Amr, the leader of the clan's sorcerers. He has also been at the forefront of the Banu Haqim's efforts to break the curse laid upon them by clan Tremere (the curse has been broken in recent nights, though rumours claim Al-Ashrad was not the one behind it). Al-Ashrad was once a mortal mage of great power, believed to be the most powerful of his era who was an ally of Haqim himself. Resentful of this mortal who held such favour with Haqim, a group of Banu Haqim attacked Al-Ashrad but were slain by spells and powerful magical artifacts. This conspiracy caused an argument between Al-Ashrad and Haqim which was only resolved by the mage sacrificing his left eye and arm, and being brought fully into the clan by Haqim's second childer (also rumoured to be a sorcerer of astounding power).

The recent schism of the Banu Haqim caused by religious and ideological conflicts between clan members was cemented when Al-Ashrad led a score of "moderate" Banu Haqim in an exodus from Alamut. He and other elders have managed to negotiate their entry into the Camarilla and it is rumoured Al-Ashrad has joined the Inner Council. Not all of the former Amr's descendants have left Alamut, but many did, and his grand-childer continue to embrace progeny to train in the Banu Haqim's ancient tradition of sorcery.

Magus Contractor
You have made yourself useful to the other Kindred in your city by offering your magical services for sale. At the start of every story, you have a standing offer to ply your trade in exchange for payment; information, money, or other services equivalent to one temporary dot of an appropriate background. You may also be given additional offers, or you could try to negotiate more contracts for yourself.
•• Diverging Path
Despite agreeing with Al-Ashrad’s decision to secede from Alamut, you did not follow him to the Camarilla. You gain one dot of Anarch Status for having the guts to oppose both main factions of your clan, and once per story you can convince your associates among the Camarilla to pass along some insider information (Equivalent to a 2 dot Contact). You may be considered an enemy by any Banu Haqim aligned with the Camarilla or Alamut (individual Haqimites might have differing opinions but their superiors may still send agents after you).
••• Rituals of Creation
Al-Ashrad lived for centuries before he was embraced, in the millennia he has walked the earth he spent much of this time studying, learning rituals, and crafting enchanted objects. Gain a free specialty in the Craft skill, a bonus die that can be added to one ritual roll per session, and a supply of books and materials that count as a one dot Library.
•••• Demonic Retainer
Al-Ashrad has defeated many infernalists in his long existence, he has even been able to capture and bind a number of minor demons to act as his servants. In his flight from Alamut, he was unable to take most of his retinue with him and ordered them to scatter and find new masters from his line. Build your demon as a Deadly Mortal (V5 pg. 185) that can purchase disciplines up to 3 dots. Give the demon a name and personality, it will follow your instructions but never go beyond the word of your orders, it is also looking for a way to escape its’ bindings and will exploit any loophole it finds to do you harm.
••••• In the Shepherd's Flock
All who descend from Al-Ashrad are also part of Ur-Shulgi’s lineage, you have taken after the Black Shepherd far more than the former Amr. Choose one of the following.

- War Mage: Ur-Shulgi singlehandedly turned the tide of the Baali war with his powerful magic, creating tides of blood with his mass slaughter. You have but a shadow of the Black Shepherd's great power but that shadow is a potent one. Any discipline use that causes damage inflicts an additional health level of damage, even if the roll would normally cause no damage one wound is dealt if the power successfully activates and connects with the target. Once per session you may roll an additional Rouse check to deal 3 additional wounds.

- Curse Breaker: Ur-Shulgi is believed to be the one who broke the Tremere curse, doing so shortly after he rose from torpor. You are on the cusp of discovering a way to replicate your ancestor’s great feat on a smaller scale. Once per session you can enact a special Blood Sorcery ritual that temporarily alleviates a Kindred’s clan Bane (their Bane Severity is reduced as if their Blood Potency was three levels lower for one scene). You can also use this ritual to remove other curses such as possession, taboos, or even stranger things. This ritual may require research or special ingredients at the Storyteller’s discretion.

- Seed of Evil: According to whispered legend, Ur-Shulgi was destined to be a great force of evil and carries infernal corruption within him. If true, this demonic contamination would have been passed on by Ur-Shulgi and may manifest in some of his descendants. You can detect infernalism and demonic creatures by making a Wits + Awareness rolls contested by the target’s Composure + Performance (locations and objects can’t hide from your detection unless they are specifically warded for concealment or to hide their fiendish auras). Additionally, you may draw power from some mysterious demonic source. Once per story you may heal up to 3 levels of Aggravated damage on yourself and reduce your Hunger by 1 level. Your wounds do not heal normally but become dark stone-like scar tissue for the rest of the story, and your aura is marked with demonic emanations until the next time your Hunger level reaches 5 (even diluted by feeding the infernal aura con only be cleansed by fasting or a purge of the blood).


Author: Enby of Skulls

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