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(Caitiff Characters Only)

The story of Caine is well known by Kindred society. While it's accuracy will forever be in question, a matter of furious debate between soon-to-be bloodthirsty Cainites, the story itself is as eternal as it's story tellers. While different kindred draw different meanings, conclusions, and interpretations from the story and it's many versions, you've come to place quite of meaning behind one fact of Caine; like you, he was not of a clan or established bloodline. This has led you to rethink just how 'diluted' your blood really is.

This idea is by no means a completely new one, but you have internalized and learned from it. Made it your own, much like your blood and disciplines.

Stories of Fear and Inspiration
Having internalized the story, you are able to orate and perform the stories of Caine, his childer, and their childer with incredible talent(You add 3 dice to all die pools rolled for your performance.) Your tellings, emphasizing the power of the caitiff, draw a great deal of attention, not all of it positive...
•• Blood of Ancients
Your blood bears qualities common to the methuselahs, after having internalized Caine's anguish under the Crone's ancient blood bond. You may have a number of thralls equal to your Willpower + Blood Potency.
••• Unshackled Curse
Your blood is completely independent from the blood of others, be it your sire or your victims. You are free to learn any discipline, though if you have tasted the blood of a kindred bearing the discipline, you pay for the discipline as though it were in-clan for you(Spending 5 per level, rather than 6).
•••• Dawn of a Bloodline
It was from Caine's blood that all other kindred come, and with the curse all of Caine's gifts. Your blood is not potent enough to give all of your gifts, but you can certainly give some. When you embrace a mortal, you choose three of your disciplines. Despite being a caitiff, your childe will consider these three disciplines as being in-clan for the purposes of learning and using them. If you create a ghoul, then they gain 2 dots of your highest discipline, then 1 dot of two other of your disciplines(Your choice), rather than the single dot of your largest discipline.
••••• Blood of the Great King of Blood and Darkness
Caine was the first of the kindred, and his blood was potent enough to continue for 15 generations of his childer. Yours will never reach that level, but you can grow closer to it. You may raise your Blood Potency above it's generational limitations(Upto 10), and you pay only 7 experience per level of your blood potency, rather than 10.


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