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Vladislav "Dracula" Tepes III was embraced into Clan Tzimisce in the year 1495 by Lambach Ruthven. Dracula only ever had one notable Childe of the course of his long lived existence; Lucy Westenra. Lucy was unfortunately killed shortly after her own Embrace by a group of Hunters, lead by Doctor Abraham Van Helsing. Van Helsing believed Dracula had been slain himself, but fortunate for the Prince of Wallachia, they were unsuccessful. Dracula was once a noble conqueror known to many as "Vlad the Impaler." To this day he keeps a lofty estate in eastern Europe, keeping to himself and biding his time. Simultaniously hating the Camarilla and distrusting of the Sabbat, Dracula watches as the world spins by. Your blood carries the weight of a reputation such as his. You will inspire either terror or adoration in your wake. The choice is yours.

Known Associate
Your lineage is certain to provoke a reaction depending upon the sect present. You will gain three dots of Status among the Tzimisce. In addition, you will also have an advantage to intimidating the Camarilla and Anarch sect members.
•• Enter Freely and of Your Own Will
Your family has made sure to provide you with whatever you need. Should you ever be present in Eastern Europe, you will always be allowed to stay in Castle Dracula for as long as you need, so long as you do not interrupt or disturb your Lord. Your Coterie however, may have to promise him a boon. It will all depend up on how well the Coterie minds their manners.
••• Renfield
You were a ghoul who was eventually given the gift of the Embrace for excellent service. This gives you a one dot Mawla for your services by another fellow servant of Dracula.
•••• Children of the Night
Dracula is certain that none of his children want for anything. Thus he issues many of his own ghouls to serve his own children in their times of need. Gain two dots of Retainers as Ghouls sent by Dracula himself.
••••• A Reminder of Mina
There is something about you that sturrs old memories in Dracula's mind. This makes you one of his favorite Children. Once per story Dracula, or an agent of his will, will behave as a third dot Mawla to come to your aid. They will help you, and only you in whatever endeavor you ask them for. If Dracula himself is summoned, he will demand a boon in return, whilst still withholding the right to deny your request. Regardless of his decision, you must pay the boon back in return for his time.


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