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Oblivion Ceremony

The Shadowlands are a place of endings and entropy, decay and death and finality. Most necromancers try to fight against these forces, strengthening ghosts' anchors or forcing a semblance of life back into empty corpses. But some have found ways to use this macabre potential to their advantage.

  • Cost: An optical device of some sort and freshly-burned ashes
  • Dice Pool: The necromancer takes an optical device (traditionally a mirror, but a pair of glasses or camera lens work just as well, as long as it's designed to alter light) and draws sigils across it in a mixture of ashes and Vitae. If the ceremony roll succeeds, the blood can be wiped away, but it leaves a fractal pattern of discoloration on the glass beneath.
  • System: Anyone looking through the enchanted device sees a haunting combination of the Shadowlands and the real world, all overlaid with the poisonous touch of the Abyss. Buildings look like ruins, living humans look like corpses, and vampires look like withered skeletons.

With a successful Wits+Medicine roll (difficulty equal to Composure), this can reveal whether or not a target is alive, or what type of undead they are; the current state of a target's health track; the exact nature of a target's maladies; or the durability level and any weak points of an object.

  • Duration: One week, or until the device is touched by sunlight or fire

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Author: Draconis

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