Extend the Veins

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Blood Sorcery •••••

  • Amalgam: Protean 3
  • Prerequisite: Theft of Vitae (V5 corebook p.274)

A favorite among the few Sabbat that know Hematokinesis, this power allows the user to extend the veins from ones own body and connect them to the veins of another. This can be used to feed, diablarize, and even cause damage from afar. Though the sight of Veins shooting out from someone is a clear masquerade breach, this can be tempting to the entrepreneurial diablarist.

  • Cost: 1 Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: strength + brawl
  • System: The user, using their mastery of their own form, rips some of their veins from their proper place and use it to shoot into the body of a victim up to eight feet away from them. As the veins are approaching, the victim may make a strength + brawl difficulty 5 to catch the veins, applying a shock of pain to the user equivalent to two superficial damage (four superficial damage unhalved). If successful, the power allows the user to drain blood or vitae from the victim at a rate 1 dot per turn.The victim may make the Strength + brawl roll at difficulty 4 for every turn this power continues. If the victim breaks free of the power, they take one aggravated damage as they rip the new veins from their body at which point the veins retreat back into the user.This power may not be used to pick up objects or people, but just to connect the veins of the user to the victims. This power does not allow for a blood bond to form.
  • Duration: One scene, until dispelled, or until the victim saves themselves.

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Author: LostGhostGirl

Other Credits: GuavArt


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