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Past traumas, the horrors of the Embrace, encounters with the truly malevolent forces of the other world, no matter what the origin is you have have witnessed and experienced terrible things which can be dragged to the surface of your mind once more if the right (or wrong) circumstances present themselves.


Flaw: {••)Whenever your character experiences a particular sensory trigger (loud noises, being immersed in water, the smell of smoke, etc) they are thrown back into their memories of a terrible event that scarred them. This causes them to lose all agency but to feel the memories wash over them and at Storyteller Discretion the use of these events against the character might do aggravated damage to their willpower in social conflict. The character must roll Resolve + Composure (Difficulty 3) to break out of the flashbacks or be rendered immobile and unable to act at all.


Author: VentrueGuy

Other Credits: Modified version of Flashbacks from V20


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