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Protean ••••

  • Amalgam: Fortitude 1, Potence 1
  • Prerequisite: Soaring Leap

Rather than taking on the Specific Animals forms more common to other users of Protean, the Gargoyle’s shapechanging abilities manifest in them growing a set of large wings on their backs. These take a variety of forms, shapes and sizes but all confer the ability to fly. Due to the weight of these creatures, the use of their natural Potence grants them the unnatural strength to both get off the ground and maintain Flight.

  • Cost: Free
  • Dice Pool: Strength + Athletics for speed or maneuvers.
  • System: Once the Power is learned, the Wings are permanent, but be concealed in certain circumstances (Heavy Clothing, careful position of the body) and a Stamina + Stealth roll. Flight speeds can vary but are generally anything from an average running speed up to about 30mph when pushed to its limits. Hovering in position is not possible, constant momentum must be maintained.
  • Duration: Permanent

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Author: Chipotlechris

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8 days ago
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I could imagine three different approaches to this amalgam. (A) as an amalgam of Potence 1 Soaring Leap to overcome the Kindred weight by shear force, as is described here. (B) As a power that requires Protean 1 "Weight of the Feather" to alter the users density. (C) Both. I don't see why it require Fortitude, although I am fully aware it is meant for Gargoyles with a spread of Fortitude, Potence, Protean.

I also don't see why a user of Protean shouldn't be able to grow Wings on command and grow them back once they don't use them anymore (could require another rouse check though). The ability fits Tzimisce and Gangrel as much as Gargoyles.

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