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Oblivion Ceremony •••••

  • Prerequisite: The Binding Fetter

Fetters form the core of a wraith’s existence. Some necromancers call the Shadowlands the “River Styx” and describe it as a rushing current you constantly have to fight against just to stay in one place, wearing away at your strength until you can’t keep holding on and are swept away to Oblivion. Fetters give a spirit something solid to hold onto, a way to keep themselves from being washed away by the current.

In general, a wraith’s fetters are tied to its passions, the strongest emotions that drive them to resist the lure of Oblivion and cling to reality even after their time has passed. But how many a given wraith has is difficult to predict. One ghost might be fettered to her wedding ring, symbolizing her love for her newlywed husband, while another might not form a fetter even after fifty years of marriage. This ceremony was created to remove that uncertainty.

  • Cost: The intended fetter, water drawn from a reservoir that has never seen sunlight, a blind animal to be sacrificed, and a leaden chain.
  • Dice Pool: This ceremony must be performed in the complete absence of light. The ritualist immerses the object in the water, then binds it with a chain coated in sacrificial blood and draws the other end of the chain around the target.
  • System: If the ceremony roll succeeds, the object becomes a new fetter for the wraith, and whatever emotion they feel toward it flares up into a burning, all-consuming passion. The ceremony is easier (–1 Difficulty) if the target already feels some strong emotion toward the fetter, and more difficult (+1 Difficulty) if they don’t care about it in the slightest.

While usually performed on wraiths, this ceremony also works on humans and vampires. A corporeal target feels the inflamed passion for a year and a day before it wears off; if they meet their end during that time, they always become a wraith, with the object as their first fetter. Only the most extreme measures (Withering Spirit, or being thrown physically into Oblivion) can prevent this.

  • Duration: Permanent

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