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Why go out for food when it can get delivered straight to your door and enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. You're good at small talk, tip well and always have a smile for people in the service business.

  • Add a specialty: Persuasion (set at ease) or Subterfuge (seem harmless)
  • Gain one dot of: Dominate or Presence
  • Gain the Herd background •••, this is the pizza delivery guy that knows you are a big tipper or the tech support guy that drops by to chat about your favorite sports team and remove some malicious spyware from your browser.
  • Gain either the Haven flaw Compromised •• (all those people coming and going it's not safe) or the Dark Secret flaw •• (masquerade breach as one or several of your victims have left your apartment knowing full well what happened to them)
  • Predator pool: Manipulation + Subterfuge

Predator Pool: {{{predpool}}}


Author: Hoist

Other Credits: Nope


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